15 Apr 2014 Food Galore at Bedok Point
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Singaporeans are no strangers to food.

Thus, there is no surprise when there is an entire mall showcasing different cuisines of food to spoil our tastebuds silly. Bedok Point is turning 3, and constantly seeks to revamp itself by bringing in new F&B offerings.

Shall not bore you with text, and let the photos do all that talking.

First up, Suki-Ya (eat all you can sukiyaki & shabu shabu)!


Tried the new soups on the menu, and the above photo featured the following pairings: Laksa & Butauiku (Pork based soup) and Kimchi & Touyu Miso. My personal favourite would be both the Kimchi and Touyu Miso.

There’s quite a variety of vegetables as well as meat to go with the hotpot. A highlight would be the ability to create your own sauce using the condiments available (though I will not advise being too adventurous, unless you have a strong stomach!)

It is quite an enjoyable experience though I would urge you to save some space in your tummy for some ice-cream to cool off the hot meal! Oh, and I quite like the fact that my clothes doesn’t smell like I have been through a grill or something. Now, that caps the dining experience.

After the yummilicious dinner, the small group adjourned to Owl Cafe, for yet another round of food. Yes, our very own local Owl brand! Apart from their coffee, other things on the menu is also worth trying, and I have to say that the desserts were especially yummy.



Managed to try out their desserts, the Durian Pengat as well as the Soya Beancurd with Mango & Pomelo and both dishes hit the right notes with my sweet tooth. The Durian Pengat was rich and creamy, with D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians mixed together, giving it a bitter yet smooth finish in the mouth. For the less adventurous to the king of fruits, the soya beancurd provides a refreshing taste, complimented with the sweet Mango and tangy Pomelo.

Ok, apart from desserts, Owl Cafe do sell main dishes such as noodles, soups as well as light bites such as the Pumpkin kaya toast, Assam chicken wings etc. While you are there, do give their coffee a shot, ranging from charcoal roast coffee to gula melaka coffee.

In fact, I was so stuffed by the end of the food tour, and a very well spent evening with new found friends!

Many thanks to Bedok Point for making this possible, and the kind folks of Cohn & Wolfe for the invite.


PS: Do drop by Bedok Point for more food choices!

06 Apr 2014 Exit route ahead
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Oh hello there!

Been a while since I penned down stuff here, so I thought I would just pop in and write something… lest people thinks that I am totally dead or something. Just kidding!

In the midst of exiting from my current job setting and transiting to a new environment. Suffice to say, having worked two years in a voluntary welfare organization setting has opened eyes, and a learning journey thus far… Hence, being offered an opportunity to a brand new setting… that kind of challenges beckons.

Also, 2nd April 2014 marked the 2 years that I have career switched into Social Services, and the first thought was… time flies! It is still without a doubt, answering a strong calling from the advert the then MCYS published for a call for social workers.

Admittedly, being a Social Worker is not as simple as being desk bound. Most of the time, we spent effort trying to help clients as much as we can within the allowed boundaries. Then again, it takes two hands to clap. If the client is not cooperative (same goes for the worker), then not much progress could be achieved. Also, it is up to the client to accept and move at the pace he/she decides to. No point forcing one’s solution on them, after all, a social worker is to help guide the client to solving the problem, not spoon feeding them.

On a personal note, I am glad I got through all the tough hurdles to be a social worker, and now, the challenge ahead is to keep myself relevant in today’s fast changing pace in society.

To the exit route ahead, and even more exciting journeys in life! :D


13 Mar 2014 Why I became a Social Worker
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“Why did you switch to Social Work?”

This is a common question posed to me when I attend job interviews, or generally being asked upon learning of my occupation. The question itself ain’t offensive, I guess it evokes a sense of curiousness (if you know of my previous jobs).


13 Mar 2014 Music Feature (1)
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This mash up of Disney’s Frozen and Vivaldi’s Winter by The Piano Guys is simply on my repeat play list these days at work, or when I feel like listening to it. It’s interesting to see how it pans out so beautifully.

A random thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of power? Then again, it might yield undesirable effects.

01 Mar 2014 Fwah!
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Haven’t wrote in here since… July 2013? Hahaha.

As usual, procrastinating and being lazy to write. Then again, many life changing events have been happening as well… if you are my friend on Facebook that is…

Like… being proposed on my birthday, to my mum’s shocking diagnosis with cancer… then selecting a new home in Jan 2014, and now attending weddings of my friends! Oh, did I also mention that I finally graduated from my studies and in the middle of a job transition?

I am in love with a silly calico cat named Angel, and she surprises me in more ways than I could think of… Looking back, I can only say I am very blessed!

Ok, I shall end here for now. Will continue to write :)


27 Jul 2013 Journeying Journal
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By now, most of you have learned that I have since started pursuing a career in Social Service.

Today, as of this post, I am at my 5th module of my graduate diploma course in Social Work from UniSIM. One more module and I end my academic journey. (can’t wait for it!)

Apart from that, I have been working for a year plus now, and am still at my current company. It is a rough and jerky ride thus far, yet, although a better experience could be desired, I am strangely glad in some other ways that I am being put through it. Odd right?

It is also with utmost regret that I was not able to update my blog as often as I would like to, because each day, work and studies are mostly on my mind. Ok, not just that, but rather, of the kittehs, as well as trying to find my grip in life. I am amazed at how much I have yet to discover and know myself, and to tap the unknown that is within me.

Oh, apart from that, learning in many aspects have never been this fun, though tiring.

Till the next update…

27 May 2013 quiet ponders
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Amazingly how 2013 has brought about so many happenings, both into my professional and personal life… till the point of not even penning any entries here… my, shame on me!

I didn’t anticipate all of this, except that life has not been the same ever since I decided to embark on a professional conversion program and be trained as a social worker.

Many still think that a social worker is a volunteer. Well, to set the record straight, we are not. Social workers are paid, and to help families in need of assistance to integrate them back into society. Sometimes, it does hurt to see how many more out there are still struggling.

I’m in the midst of my 3rd module of the 6 graduate diploma modules that I must conquer. Wish me luck!

04 Mar 2013 Marching on with 9 months more to go
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Oh my gosh. Time do fly when one’s calendar is filled up with so many different datelines to keep. Just started my second module of the graduate diploma program, and will be left with 4 more modules… Fingers crossed, as I am also half way through my 400 hour practicum program.

At times, I really wonder at the purpose of the x number of reports that I have to write, and wrecking my brains to think of the theories that I have used in my course of work. Challenging, but enriches my learning experience.

And getting a decent grade for Human Lifespan module is an added bonus!

19 Jan 2013 Quiet? Not so.
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If I thought 2013 would bring about a quiet and peaceful start, I am proven wrong pretty quickly. Before January would end, quite a number of things has been happening, and yes, I am thankful, but at the same time, trying not to be too overwhelmed by it.

Trying to take stock of what is happening kinda works… albeit blowing my brains off by the sheer amount of information. In the end, I decided to just “go with the flow”, and ride this wave, while it lasts.

Elaborating it here would be as good as writing a duper lengthy blog post… which I am not very sure if anyone would want to read it. Perhaps a better way is for the pictures to do the talking in due time.

So pardon me if I tend to be a little more quiet on the Internet, for I treasure for more “me-time” moments, which I need to re-charge, as well as ensuring my own well-being is taken care of. Because studying + working at the same time takes a huge toil on me – health wise – physically and mentally. It is a challenge, and yet, through the ups and downs in due course, it taught me to appreciate, and not take it for granted.

I’m fortunate to have opportunities to switch my career, and I do hope the third time will be the last time I am doing this. (Not very fun to keep switching from time to time).

Also, I am blessed to have an understanding, caring, loving and supportive family and boyfriend, friends who are supportive, encouraging (you know who you are), to help me through in difficult times.

Praise be to God.

PS: As of now, I have started my Graduate Diploma program proper, having gone through the bridging modules last year. I can’t wait till the program ends by the end of 2013. So near yet seems so far!

07 Jan 2013 Random Rantings
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Well, just another silly post on this blog… And it’s off to a rumbling start for year 2013. My, I could hardly catch my breadth already.

For starters, the graduate diploma degree goes into full swing. My, the bridging program is over and done with, except the practicum… which will soon be another 3 months of craziness that I will enjoy… (hopefully). Also, I can’t believe that in 3 months, I will cross the 1 year mark of being in social service sector. That’s really fast!

Apart from that, I am quite thankful for everything else in my life.