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    There are many things I wanna blog about what I am going through. But it seems that I am held back by something and its hard to reveal it all here… Tough choice… I can keep it all bottled up, or tell someone, or just explode someday (be ready to see bits and pieces of me). Gross. I dunno what else to write here… I seen many things, and many a times, thoughts come flooding into my head. Some are gd thoughts and some are bad thoughts.

    Its not that I am feeling lousy or depressed or whatsoever… but rather, sometimes I can’t help but think of some significant and the not so significant issues. My heart says do this but my brain says another. It makes decisions harder to make. and a bit hard to think clearly. Inner struggles aside… but got to put on a bravefront.

    No matter what… It goes on.

    The Gal

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    When I was having my IMM stint… I thought food is not going to be an issue… I am half right, in the sense that food is readily available… but in terms of taste and cost… its nt worth to eat at IMM after all… Kopitiam… horrible la… save for a few rare stalls that still sell decent but expensive food… The food sold there are really expensive la… even the drinks and fruits are overpriced…

    Kudos to the fishball noodles, as well as chicken rice stall, and the pig organ’s soup stall too.. the price is average, and the food, is decent and nice. :) but the yong tau foo stall is terrible. =X

    for a poor girl like me… this hurts the pocket somehow. i feel that eating fast food more worth it then eating at foodcourt. lol.

    not to mention that i suffer a bout of food poisoning from eating from another food court located at level 3. yuck. really spoil my day. the only consolation was that I am on a stint there for 11 days. I can’t imagine working there and eating all that food…

    You can say that I am picky, but I also am entitled to decent food, even if the price is nt right. Price expensive plus not very palatable food makes me one upset and unhappy customer. :)

    My 2 cents…

    The Gal

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    Went back to office today… back to my usual office hours 9 am to 6 pm. :) Its a joy to work with people i know once again. and yup, I reached office pretty early… u can say i never like to be late, unless i have a gd reason to be late :P Haha, anyway, went down to the research institute today to receive some training on the next part of the research proj. :)

    Glad to be able to learn something new. hee…

    Now that I am back to normal office hours, its time for me to start watching what I eat carefully :) Cos there is a higher tendency to put on weight whilst working in the office :P hahaha…

    Had my fair share of gd and healthy food… haha, sugar cane cooked with water chestnut, as well as fresh, juicy and sweet lychees! yay!

    Hmm…seems like i have nothing much to blog, shall leave to the next post…

    The Gal

  • my life 17.06.2007 6 Comments

    PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, Singapore Festival Orchestra conducted by Arnie Roth – Asian Premiere. Also featured are the Vocal Consort and choir from NUS. Attended the last performance of PLAY! yesterday with Hendri and we were in for a visual feast as well as music to the ears. (This is going to be a long post! – You’ve been warnded!)

    It was also our first time at the Esplanade’s Concert Hall. Well, first time there physically. I caught a glimpse of the concert hall in its 3d glory back at the outing at IHPC (Institute of High Power Computing) – CAVE immersion, and was given a tour around the esplanade’s concert hall air condition system. :) Ain’t that cool?!

    Passed the bag checking and off we headed to the concert hall… Our seats were at Circle 2, along the aisle. Hehe… There was still time, so we decided to hang around the corridoor of the concert hall. What we saw next blew us away. We saw a Chinook hovering on the edge of the waters of marina bay! Apparently they were rehearsing for this year’s National Day Parade! Oh wow. And yes, its also our first time seeing a military aircraft so upclose … woot! and all the speedy crafts… wow… thats already a visual feast for the eyes!

    As it approaches 7.15 pm, we decided to get settled into the seats at the concert hall. My… the hall is so beautiful. (first timer there) haha… and yeah, the ushers were very nice, they made sure we found our seats… hee… and yup, the orchestra’s players are already testing their instruments… and we heard strains or super mario brother’s playing in the background! yay!

    Soon, the concert started… and it started with the following pieces… and some of them were sung by the vocal consort in the chrous segment of the pieces… The Fanfare of PLAY! was played first and the very old classics of Super Mario Bros were next… Haha… the game play video is so funny… oh yes, this is the youtube clip of it, taped by someone in Stockholm. Its better to be heard live at the hall.. but this is better than nothing…

    Shenmue and Shenmue II pieces were great, and I am taken awed by the superb graphics :) Lost Odyssey was good, and Sonic the Hedgehog! yay! I love the game so much, that I have the Emulator and the ROMs to play with it… hehe… and yes the game play video featured were all so familar… haha…

    Metal Gear Solid… and Blue Dragon were nonetheless lovely… and the song just threw you into the game itself! Kingdom Hearts were next… followed by FINAL FANTASY VI Dancing Mad Medley… and then intermission followed… hehe…

    A quick walk outside to stretch the stiff limbs and it was back to the hall again for the second part of the concert… :) and yes, next up was Daytona USA… Takenobu Mitsuyoshi was amongst the audience and he performed solo with a piano! Oh my god… his vocals are excellent… and the way he plays the piano, literally throws you back into the game atmosphere! even the gameplay vid was so classic… the arcade version… where its one of my fav games there… :D and one lucky audience went home with Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy! aww… so lucky!

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion suite was played next… and so is Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross…

    WOW – World Of Warcraft – Its so good, it left me yearning for more… :) I played Warcraft III and its expansion pack – The Frozen Throne… yes, its that good… Jason Hayes is the man behind it. HALO did not disappoint either… Castlevania – the pipe organ segment is so gd… and save for a few missing notes… its great… considering that its a solo part on that player… The Legend of Zelda brought back familiar memories of playing the game… as well as the finale piece… FINAL FANTASY VII – One Winged Angel… wooot! and for the encore part, they played The Revenge of Shinobi as well as One Winged Angel again… and yes, that song fits the finale and it ends with a huge bang, of thundering applause and standing ovation… :)

    Credits goes to Arnie Roth, for arranging such a beautiful programme, and the band as well, even though its Singapore Festival Orchestra, they did a superb job too… and last but not least, the choir members… whose voices compliment the music and delivered a smashing impact…

    Would love to attend PLAY! again, and may they return soon!

    The Gal

  • my life 16.06.2007 2 Comments

    I finally found it! whee… thank u youtube…

    Oh wow, transformer’s game! yay!

    Check that out!

    The Gal

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    Yesterday night was spent watching transformers cartoon movie via YouTube. Yeah, it was a nice cartoon… and seeing the familiar terms like the AutoBots, Decepticons, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, HotRod, RC, Megatron… and oh the phrase, “Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!” LOL. That certainly brought a flood of childhood memories back to me… Kinda made me excited to go and watch the Transformers Movie, which is releasing real soon! Yay!

    Part of me grew up with all the Disney Classics, and another part of me grew up with the likes of Transformers… Amazing though…

    I am so gonna love watching old stuff on YouTube all over again!

    The Gal

  • my life 15.06.2007 4 Comments

    I have so many things to write about the data collection stint held at IMM. That 11 days spent there taught me many lessons that classrooms can never provide. First, I am thankful for the opportunities given, and allowing me to learn the ropes of management for the first time, as well as learning how to deal with different people in society. :)

    Working with friends are nice, and I am glad to have a team of punctual and responsible members… Listya, Theresia, Jun Yien, Eugene… and Myself =P This time around, we are helping a local research agency to collect voice samples to train a speech recognition system for Singaporeans. Collecting Voice Samples sounds intriguing? Not really… But its a very harmless process. lol.

    Setting up booths is a daily routine, as well as getting all the equipment tested and ready. All our laptops were used for the collection process. Its amazing that there are 2 devices recording your voice at the same time. Thank you to ping.sg people – rinaz, ridz, tstar and arzhou, who have helped by contributing their voice samples…

    It warms my heart to see that there are people who are willing to help, not just for the sake of the money, but genuinely want to help and take part in the research… and there are always some who cant read English yet insists on trying, only to be rejected by us in the end. This is what I call greed. Yucks. There are also alot of ugly singaporeans amongst us. Terrible la. Passing racist remarks. I had my fair share, and am totally upset about that.

    There are some who thinks we are selling stuff, conducting some survey, some marketing gimmick =.=, even a beauty salon? O.O and for some reason, we became IMM walking information counter. While we will try our best to help them, which they are grateful for, yet there are some who treat us like dirt, and very rude to us. to which we will reply, I dunno. I mean, none of us are obliged to help in the first place. Its totally out of goodwill.

    I am thankful for IMM willingness to support the research, but I am dreading the rising costs of the food there la. everything is expensive. lol.

    Took alot of skills to muster enough courage to approach people on the first day, but after that am very adapted to it, and even a rejection can still put a smile on my face. Of course, we are also representing ourselves as an employee as well as students of NTU. Thus, we have to be mindful of our image and not disgrace oneself in any way.

    Manage to complete a major portion of the collection. But somewhat disappointed din complete all. But credits goes to the whole group for working very very hard for this round of the research. You guys are awesome, and I hoped that I have done a gd job in managing as well. :)

    Now its time to enjoy my hard earned rest and get ready to handle all that timetable matters… as well as other stuff… hee…

    Am totally looking forward to watching the PLAY! concert tomorrow with Hendri.

    Yes, and I am back to regular office hours of 9 am to 6 pm. I AM BACK in the blogosphere.


    The Gal

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    Work is so hectic these days! But its sure a good sign to see everyone in the group working harmoniously together. Gives me a very great feeling… :) The ending is not as tough as the starting phase of the project, but its neither easy either. Either way, still have to grin and bear with it… I learnt alot whilst having to conduct a 2 week stint in IMM. From the planning, to executing, to managing, to being a “salesman”. These are going to come in really handy when I am out to work. Shall blog about my stint when its over.

    It has been good and bad, and some nasty ones, which I have since learnt to cast it aside. Makes me a stronger person.

    Haha, work aside, shall be looking forward to the PLAY! concert on Saturday at Esplanade, Theatres by the Bay! Hee… Excited la… :) Looks forward for a good break with Hendri.

    I hope Rui is having a good time in the States, where WWDC is on. :)

    Another short post.

    The Gal

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    Ok, finally made time to blog. gosh, been really busy these few days… In fact, everyday is spent shuttling to and fro IMM… Lovely mall, but everything is overpriced, in terms of food. No doubt Daiso and Giant are drawing in the crowds, but everything else is just so pricy. It hurts my pocket somehow. =X

    I dunno what else to write, except pray that I will be able to wrap up the project smoothly.

    The Gal

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    The reason I am up so early is because my examination results are released! Kinda nervous, because, alot of things has happened. Am pleased to say I passed all the subjects that I have taken, although I can do better. Remember my 2 exam papers combo in one day? Manage to score a decent grade for both, which I am really glad because I only had 5 days to mug them all!

    CSC 184 (Human Resource and Entrepreneurship) – B
    CSC 202 (Algorithms) – D
    CSC 203 (Software Systems and Models) – B-
    CSC 207 (Software Engineering 1) – C+
    CSC 279 (Computer Innovation and Design) – B
    MS 8202 (Symmetry and Crystals) – D+

    There you go! I know I did not manage to score any grade A this time around, but I have gave my very best and thats all it matters =)

    Okie, got to go liao…

    The Gal

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