18 Mar 2012 A new chapter awaits…
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It has been a crazy whirl of an emotional ride.

Perhaps the decision to leaving my job was the best present I ever gave to myself. Sure, the lack of income can be frustrating at times, but more importantly, it has given me room to grow, to recover and to love myself even better… The long break has done a lot of wonders for me, and I’m feel ready to embark on the next chapter in April 2012.

I found that I have many things that awaits my attention, and tearing myself away from all the unhappy past works better in my favor, not to mention that I’ve also found things that I love doing. That, to me, is sheer joy. To friends who know of my next move, thank you for your care and concern, and for sharing my joy. To those who don’t, you’re most welcome to ask, with an open mind…

Its almost surreal, to be able to wake up with a rush of joy and contentment, and not feeling the burden… ah, the carefree moments of life… and it’s also the most humbling and eye-opening life lessons learnt ever.

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