23 Feb 2012 Are you still reading my blog?
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Oh hello!

Wondering if there are any readers still reading my blog… since I went missing in action for quite a while…

Right now, I’m taking a break from work and is in the midst of job hunting. Truth be told, I am quite enjoying my break, as this gives me more time to think things through and figuring out the next step. Not to mention that the amount of time that I have on my hands these days!

I would say, there are pros and cons of being unemployed… that said, I should just keep working on my long term plans.

Oh yes, I have yet to scribble down my thoughts on some stuff, as well as my Chiang Mai trip with the boyfriend. Stay tuned!

With love,

PS: It would be great if you, my dear reader, could leave me a comment or holler! Would appreciate it, as this would give me even more motivation to continue blogging here. :)

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  1. Hi gal, yep, im still one of your die-hard blog fan. =)