• my life 12.05.2012

    Its been a while since I last wrote in or check back this blog. Don’t worry, I have not forsaken it at all… its just that I’ve been occupied with loads of activities to do, and it takes me away from the computer most of the time.

    Lately, many thoughts surfaced, some of which are pleasant, while others served to be being destructive to my soul. As they say, shit happens, and its on some of these days where it becomes a little harder to rein in those thoughts and have it dumped somewhere else.

    I don’t know where to begin looking at the long and tough journey that I been through, much less pen it down on this blog. Though this deed has to be done someday, somehow because it is what I went through, and no amount of intended forgetfulness would drown this memory into the depths of a black hole.

    I have many to thank… to God, Family, Boyfriend, Friends… for they have been understanding, caring, loving and always looking out for me. It would have been way tougher without them.

    At times, its overwhelming to handle all that load of emotions, but on the flip side, it tells me that I’m being only human, and experiencing a whole spectrum of emotions may not always be a bad thing, at least, I would understand and experience what it feels like, and how I’m reacting to it. At the end of it, I walk out knowing myself a little better each time.

    Each time, I look at the skies and smiled. Sounds crazy? Perhaps. That’s just me – giving my thanks silently to Him.


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