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    A career switch isn’t an easy decision to make, and there are always room to ponder all the “what-ifs”. Then again, if one doesn’t take the risk and head into the unknown, one will never know if the switch is a hit or a miss.

    Yes, like many others, I too, decided to leave the IT industry, where I spent the last 10 years of my life studying IT and obtaining academic qualifications that was supposed to be my ticket to a career in IT after University. Sadly, after a year plus, I started feeling jaded. Even more so after two years, where I am totally convinced I’ve reach a stage of stagnation in my career.

    When that happened, it left me in a state of disillusion as well as the struggle of having to stay or to go. There were also bread and butter issues to consider. For a recent graduate into the first job, there are always many first time experiences one has to go through.

    Example: Submitting the first resignation letter, serving notice, and making the transition to the next job. Loads of jitters and stress in the process.

    Its quite an experience for me, as a first timer, and I am glad that things went pretty well for me, with hiccups here and there. But hey, life’s not a bed of roses… so yeah. :P

    There is no such thing as the right time to leave an industry, but the door of opportunity came when something I really wanted came along… and I decided to take the plunge and try it out. After all, one’s degree do not necessarily dictates staying and slogging in the said industry. I always am believer of being happy, in almost everything, including career. If one is unhappy, no amount of money earned can alleviate the unhappiness. Money don’t buy happiness, though it can buy the things you want.

    “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”


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    • Karen @ superfinefeline Says:

      Hi Nicole,

      I love what you said about money not being able to buy happiness though it buys us what we want.

      Take heart as you are very young and still have lots of opportunities ahead of you.

      I recently changed industries. After more than 10 years of working in the financial sector, the paycut is very significant but if I never tried, then I’d never know if I was meant to do something else. That was a thought that had plagued me for years now. Over the past few months, I have met quite a few people who have made mid-career switches and most of them are happier. Quite a few said that they make lesser money now but they feel more fulfilled and the payoff from personal satisfaction cannot be bought. I guess its all a matter of what we want for ourselves and our goals.

      Stay strong!

    • Nicole Says:

      Hey Karen,

      Thanks for dropping by this blog!

      I hope you are coping well with your career change! :)

      By the way, you have a nice blog going as well :)

    • Karen @ superfinefeline Says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for checking out my blog and for your reply.

      It’s still early days yet with my career change but it requires draconian measures . I hope you are doing well in yours!

      Have a good week ahead!

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