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    Bet that no one remembers I blog. LOL!

    I know, I know, it’s the same ol’ tale…

    However, I’ve been so so so busy in my real life…

    I’ve gotten married, awaiting my home (eggcited) and became more grounded in my career.

    Not bad, considering the rollercoaster year it has been thus far.

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    Dusting the cob webs!

    And by now, as friends would know, I am almost at the end of the 2nd bridging module. End of module date would be 10th November, where it’s also know as… examination. I remembered just a few days back, where I was on the verge of frustration over my second and final assignment. Yet, I am thankful to have friends who guided me alongside the assignment and the encouragement to carry on.

    Each time I feel like giving up, I’m reminded why I choose this path, be it through my work or otherwise, and I thank God that I am led into this for a reason and purpose. I may not understand it now, but I trust that it will all turn out to be for the best. :)

    And thus, with renewed energy, I shall continue in my quest to start revision for the paper ahead.



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    A birthday marks the start of a new chapter.

    And as Chapter 26 closes, Chapter 27 opens.

    Not that I will forget so easily what happened when I was 26, but I am looking forward to what the journey ahead in life might bring.

    I’m also glad to have my boyfriend, family and friends rallying and supporting me at my lowest, and for that, I’m very thankful.

    Alright, I shall keep this post short and sweet, for today’s a special day. Well, at least for me :)

    I’ve a feeling that 27 will be an awesome number.


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    August is almost but over.

    Time really flies. Since June 2011, life has quite not been the same for me… Sinking to the bottom of the pits, to the extent of requiring professional help speaks volumes of how shitty life was throwing at me back then. But it was also the moment that sparked a series of life changing, if not, minor changes that actually make life more bearable and enjoyable, despite having the odds in the way. Looking back, its as if I just escaped another crisis. Isn’t that wonderful?

    Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by the motion of events in my life. Its too fast and too furious. Then again, I am enjoying what I am currently doing now. Riding with the flow that is. Don’t worry, at least now I’ve learned that it is important to pace myself out before being burnt out once more.

    As I’m writing this, there are thoughts aplenty that is going through my mind, some of which are best left unwritten in the records. I’ll continue to work hard and strive to not let my learning stop for a single moment. Its just simply amazing of how much is there left to be learned, and the possibility of completing learning is endless. It ends till the day I drop dead and move no more.

    Quite glad to say that I’ve started to regain my appetite, as well as being able to get a good night’s rest and feel energetic for the next working day. It feels good when the body is slowly starting to recover, and suffice to say, at most, a cup of coffee will do the trick. Reducing my reliance on caffeine has also boosted mood levels, and it makes me more cheery and positive… Coupled with healthy snacks on my table, I would say I’m halfway keeping myself in check of not snacking on crackers and chips. I usually will stock up dried fruit, as well as nuts for a quick source of energy, and oh, loads of fluids, especially plain water. Helps to keep the body systems well maintained.

    Perhaps right now, my perspective towards life has changed. Whether its a good change or otherwise, time will tell. Though I’m feeling much more upbeat to what’s in store for me, than being bogged down by the past. Sure, the past remains for it has already happened, and one could draw invaluable lessons from it to move on and be happier.

    Upcoming in September, I’ll be more tied up with work and other personal stuff, but I would still love to make time to meet up with my friends for meals, as well as coffee/drinks, or to even just hang out. And yes, I will be heading to Bintan (work trip) :P

    In the meantime, stick around, because I will be writing more often these days.


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    Each event, no matter the magnitude of it, never failed to leave me impressions, or change my perspective towards certain aspects of life.

    You might say that I am somewhat easily influenced, though I will let it brood at the back of my mind, questioning every nook and cranny till I’m satisfied.

    Perhaps some of you may wonder what I’m going through. I won’t write it here, but if you know it, you know. If not, then, what else can I say? :)

    I can only be grateful and thankful for what I have at the moment, and leaving the rest to His hands. I can only but hope things will get even better.

    Mental exhaustion is never fun, and leaves me very much physically tired out too. Or perhaps its a character moulding test.


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  • I am so happy.

    My first bottle of perfume.



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    Honestly, I am going through things I can barely take. You see me strong on the surface, acting tough at times… I don’t want to see worried faces all the time. But you see, I am only human. I really need time off, before I snap at anyone else.

    I’m scared. Very scared. Because no one understands how I feel.


  • I realized that I have a hell of a terrible amount of paranoia over certain things… or rather, over fearful of how people think of me. Perhaps its due to my past… Something which I still can’t let go off… though its fading away…

    I know you people will probably say don’t let all these crap gets to me… but sometimes it just hits you, whether you like it or not… and lately this has quite crept up on to me… making me feeling so shitty… I’ve gotta let it all go… and try to lead a carefree and happy life ;)

    To be frank, I know the journey ahead is very tough. I pray not for a lighter load, but a stronger back to carry more load.


  • Started a new category of blog posts…of about me… yup… Perhaps it will allow more people to understand me, or understand me better… haha… No one’s perfect, and I too, have very bad habits I can’t get rid of…

    I make no attempts to deny them, for I admit, old habits die hard! haha…

    This “About Me” aims to let readers understand more about me as a blogger, a writer, a friend, etc etc etc… This is my blog, and I aim to try to express my thoughts as much as I can… :)

    Here goes…

    Who is Nicole? Nicole is just an average plain Jane, not good looking, nor does she have a killer figure… Basically, a lot of pimples and scars… :X who wants to date her?

    Oh well.


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