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    Bet that no one remembers I blog. LOL!

    I know, I know, it’s the same ol’ tale…

    However, I’ve been so so so busy in my real life…

    I’ve gotten married, awaiting my home (eggcited) and became more grounded in my career.

    Not bad, considering the rollercoaster year it has been thus far.

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    And so, I finally could muster some use of my hands today after a near freak out ordeal at the clinic yesterday. For those who are not aware, I had to take a blood test to ascertain my immunity levels before getting any necessary immunizations done before I could commence work.

    I could vividly recall how sweat poured out of me when the nurse told me that my vein(s) does not seem to cooperate with letting the blood out into the test tube. And so, my left hand was spared. To my annoyance, blood from the right hand had to be taken. That annoyance gave way to sheer panic when she told me that in the event of unsuccessful blood taking, the doctor will take over. However, the doctor is not confident of drawing blood. I just went… OMG.

    Relief flooded me when I see blood rushing out of the vein on my right hand and into the test tube. I am so thankful that I would not be left at the mercy of the doctor.

    After that, everything went well, except that I have to start losing weight. Damn.

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    Erm, okay. It’s been 5 months since I last place an entry here. Does anyone still read my blog? I don’t know.

    “Life is like eating ice-cream, you don’t know what you get”

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    It’s December 2014, and I feel kinda weird blogging because I haven’t been that active since stepping into Social Services. Not an excuse, I know.

    Anyways, just came back from a much anticipated and long awaited family vacation. Though it is not my first visit to Thailand, Chiang Mai, it is for the rest of my family members.

    Can’t wait to share more about the trip.

    Be right back!


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    Half of 2014 has gone by, and it is now June already!

    It has been a crazy ride thus far… as I transited into my second job within the social services industry. The change in environment, is a welcome change, and to be honest, still taking a bit of time to adjust to it…

    Culture shock is an understatement, because I now get to see what truly social work is all about. Knowledge and skills empower a worker, however, it is the human touch between the social worker and client, that working relationship and rapport building make or break a case.

    Although it may seem easy to say, the action part is always the toughest, and yet the most rewarding.

    Stories of the human life warm the cockles of my heart, even though it may be heart wrenching. Yet, the beauty of it is the strength to persevere, even if the situation seems dire.

    I would love to go on and on, however, I shall have to catch my much needed rest.

    *chiong-ing new projects is never easy, yet I relish the challenge, even if its a steep mountain to climb

    Till then!

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    Oh hello there!

    Been a while since I penned down stuff here, so I thought I would just pop in and write something… lest people thinks that I am totally dead or something. Just kidding!

    In the midst of exiting from my current job setting and transiting to a new environment. Suffice to say, having worked two years in a voluntary welfare organization setting has opened eyes, and a learning journey thus far… Hence, being offered an opportunity to a brand new setting… that kind of challenges beckons.

    Also, 2nd April 2014 marked the 2 years that I have career switched into Social Services, and the first thought was… time flies! It is still without a doubt, answering a strong calling from the advert the then MCYS published for a call for social workers.

    Admittedly, being a Social Worker is not as simple as being desk bound. Most of the time, we spent effort trying to help clients as much as we can within the allowed boundaries. Then again, it takes two hands to clap. If the client is not cooperative (same goes for the worker), then not much progress could be achieved. Also, it is up to the client to accept and move at the pace he/she decides to. No point forcing one’s solution on them, after all, a social worker is to help guide the client to solving the problem, not spoon feeding them.

    On a personal note, I am glad I got through all the tough hurdles to be a social worker, and now, the challenge ahead is to keep myself relevant in today’s fast changing pace in society.

    To the exit route ahead, and even more exciting journeys in life! :D


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    “Why did you switch to Social Work?”

    This is a common question posed to me when I attend job interviews, or generally being asked upon learning of my occupation. The question itself ain’t offensive, I guess it evokes a sense of curiousness (if you know of my previous jobs).

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    This mash up of Disney’s Frozen and Vivaldi’s Winter by The Piano Guys is simply on my repeat play list these days at work, or when I feel like listening to it. It’s interesting to see how it pans out so beautifully.

    A random thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of power? Then again, it might yield undesirable effects.

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    Haven’t wrote in here since… July 2013? Hahaha.

    As usual, procrastinating and being lazy to write. Then again, many life changing events have been happening as well… if you are my friend on Facebook that is…

    Like… being proposed on my birthday, to my mum’s shocking diagnosis with cancer… then selecting a new home in Jan 2014, and now attending weddings of my friends! Oh, did I also mention that I finally graduated from my studies and in the middle of a job transition?

    I am in love with a silly calico cat named Angel, and she surprises me in more ways than I could think of… Looking back, I can only say I am very blessed!

    Ok, I shall end here for now. Will continue to write :)


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    By now, most of you have learned that I have since started pursuing a career in Social Service.

    Today, as of this post, I am at my 5th module of my graduate diploma course in Social Work from UniSIM. One more module and I end my academic journey. (can’t wait for it!)

    Apart from that, I have been working for a year plus now, and am still at my current company. It is a rough and jerky ride thus far, yet, although a better experience could be desired, I am strangely glad in some other ways that I am being put through it. Odd right?

    It is also with utmost regret that I was not able to update my blog as often as I would like to, because each day, work and studies are mostly on my mind. Ok, not just that, but rather, of the kittehs, as well as trying to find my grip in life. I am amazed at how much I have yet to discover and know myself, and to tap the unknown that is within me.

    Oh, apart from that, learning in many aspects have never been this fun, though tiring.

    Till the next update…

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