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    Oh hello there!

    Been a while since I penned down stuff here, so I thought I would just pop in and write something… lest people thinks that I am totally dead or something. Just kidding!

    In the midst of exiting from my current job setting and transiting to a new environment. Suffice to say, having worked two years in a voluntary welfare organization setting has opened eyes, and a learning journey thus far… Hence, being offered an opportunity to a brand new setting… that kind of challenges beckons.

    Also, 2nd April 2014 marked the 2 years that I have career switched into Social Services, and the first thought was… time flies! It is still without a doubt, answering a strong calling from the advert the then MCYS published for a call for social workers.

    Admittedly, being a Social Worker is not as simple as being desk bound. Most of the time, we spent effort trying to help clients as much as we can within the allowed boundaries. Then again, it takes two hands to clap. If the client is not cooperative (same goes for the worker), then not much progress could be achieved. Also, it is up to the client to accept and move at the pace he/she decides to. No point forcing one’s solution on them, after all, a social worker is to help guide the client to solving the problem, not spoon feeding them.

    On a personal note, I am glad I got through all the tough hurdles to be a social worker, and now, the challenge ahead is to keep myself relevant in today’s fast changing pace in society.

    To the exit route ahead, and even more exciting journeys in life! :D


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