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    Singaporeans are no strangers to food.

    Thus, there is no surprise when there is an entire mall showcasing different cuisines of food to spoil our tastebuds silly. Bedok Point is turning 3, and constantly seeks to revamp itself by bringing in new F&B offerings.

    Shall not bore you with text, and let the photos do all that talking.

    First up, Suki-Ya (eat all you can sukiyaki & shabu shabu)!


    Tried the new soups on the menu, and the above photo featured the following pairings: Laksa & Butauiku (Pork based soup) and Kimchi & Touyu Miso. My personal favourite would be both the Kimchi and Touyu Miso.

    There’s quite a variety of vegetables as well as meat to go with the hotpot. A highlight would be the ability to create your own sauce using the condiments available (though I will not advise being too adventurous, unless you have a strong stomach!)

    It is quite an enjoyable experience though I would urge you to save some space in your tummy for some ice-cream to cool off the hot meal! Oh, and I quite like the fact that my clothes doesn’t smell like I have been through a grill or something. Now, that caps the dining experience.

    After the yummilicious dinner, the small group adjourned to Owl Cafe, for yet another round of food. Yes, our very own local Owl brand! Apart from their coffee, other things on the menu is also worth trying, and I have to say that the desserts were especially yummy.



    Managed to try out their desserts, the Durian Pengat as well as the Soya Beancurd with Mango & Pomelo and both dishes hit the right notes with my sweet tooth. The Durian Pengat was rich and creamy, with D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians mixed together, giving it a bitter yet smooth finish in the mouth. For the less adventurous to the king of fruits, the soya beancurd provides a refreshing taste, complimented with the sweet Mango and tangy Pomelo.

    Ok, apart from desserts, Owl Cafe do sell main dishes such as noodles, soups as well as light bites such as the Pumpkin kaya toast, Assam chicken wings etc. While you are there, do give their coffee a shot, ranging from charcoal roast coffee to gula melaka coffee.

    In fact, I was so stuffed by the end of the food tour, and a very well spent evening with new found friends!

    Many thanks to Bedok Point for making this possible, and the kind folks of Cohn & Wolfe for the invite.


    PS: Do drop by Bedok Point for more food choices!

    Posted by Nicole @ 7:46 pm

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