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    Looking back from where I am right now, I ought to give myself a pat on the back for having gone through a long grueling journey. Although tough, it has also led me to realize how much happiness is important to me. All this while, I was yearning something my other jobs could not adequately provide. Its not that money isn’t important, just that it is not very high on my list of priorities.

    You see, when I first started out as a fresh graduate, all I wanted to was to make money to pay off my study loans. Granted, I could have earned much more had I stayed on in my industry… but then again, what is the point of having to rely completely on material and money to feel happy and satisfied? I’m happy to gain financial independence, but something was missing.

    After switching to my second job in a completely new industry, the same thing happened as well. Not to mention that I was under going therapy for my bout of depression. I guess monetary incentives lost its touch. At least for me.

    And the unexpected happens. It turns out that leaving the job behind and venturing into something I wanted to do is so much more appealing… not to mention being truly happy for something that I wanted for once. :)

    You see, for all so in the past, I never managed to lead a normal life, and by normal, I mean the things that I would so wish I had done back then. Alas, perhaps, I will never know…. not in this life time.

    Perhaps the above paragraph will shed light to why I chose to go into Social Work. Will write more :)

    Till then, take care!


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    • Desmond Lim Says:

      Pat on your back and not materialistic. Yeah right.

    • Desmond Lim Says:

      I heard that you had an Indian boyfriend in the past and dumped him for a wealthy guy. Are you sure of not being materialistic?
      Well, enjoy your new job and the shadow social work.

    • Nicole Says:

      Desmond: I really don’t know what’s on your agenda to verify the hear say of my personal life. If in your eyes, I am such a materialistic person, then so be it. I don’t think we have ever met or know each other in person. Thanks for reading my blog, and having such keen interest in my personal life. All the best to you. Bye.

    • choo Says:

      desmond, im sorry that you must have lost your girlfriend to said indian guy as a result of it. it’s ok, she’s in a much better place now. :)

    • Desmond Lim Says:

      What goes around will come around. I know you Nicole – Wong Yue Jun, very well since your secondary school days, even before the ‘Nicole’ name emerged. I really hope that you are a changed person now. Good luck for trying to be a better person.

      For Choo, time will tell of who is the wolf in sheep’s cloth. It’s up to you if you want believe everything that people says in blog.

      Anyway, Choo, I hope you are true friend of Nicole rather than a blind blog follower. I’m not saying Nicole is bad (maybe in the past), try to know her closer rather than just blogs and be a true friend. She is trying to be a good person now and I wish all the best for her.

      I married with my one and only true love of lovely wife of my love with 3 kids and never lose my lady to any other men.

      No more comments from me, I don’t wish to drag this any longer. I may have criticized Nicole’s past but also encourage her present and future for the best for herself. Happy for the improvement to be a better person.

      ps: Sometimes we do not know that someone out there watching our wrong steps and the after lesson to progress to be a better person. The same goes for everyone including for me.

    • Nicole Says:

      Desmond: thank you for your kind wishes and blessing. what I wrote was based on how I feel there and then.

      From the time through secondary school till now, its been a long while. Perhaps you have been reading all these years, I do not know. But thank you anyway :)

      No one is perfect, including me.

      But all I do know, I accept my past as I am, and for all that I have done. I do not wish to dig up my own past and take myself through a journey I do not wish to repeat. What’s past is already in the past. I made mistakes, admitted it and moved on.

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