12 Sep 2011 MBP
 |  Category: my life

And so I’ve gotten a Mac Book Pro, effectively moving to the dark side, as how some would put it.

I never thought I would be able to own it someday, but this was totally made possible thanks to a partial sponsorship from the bf. Its really really nice of him to help me out on this purchase, and also the sister for helping me getting it through her school, which makes the deal worth it.

Fortunately, the learning curve for the Mac isn’t too difficult, but learning other stuff like keyboard shortcuts could be a real pain sometimes. That’s alright, I can learn something new each day! :)

For the uninitiated, I’ve left the IT industry, and am now focusing pretty much on design, writing, arts, photography etc. But that does not mean I have completely stopped reviewing devices and gadgets, just that I have a whole lot more choices opening up for me.

Work wise, am getting way busier, and learning to cope with it will be a key to help me overcome it in the next few weeks… And yes, I’m happy with where I am now, and learning to work smarter and play harder.

I recently stumbled across some beautiful websites, which I will hope to share it with you real soon! :)


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