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    Erm, okay. It’s been 5 months since I last place an entry here. Does anyone still read my blog? I don’t know.

    “Life is like eating ice-cream, you don’t know what you get”

    Anyways, I thought I should just flex some of my fingers by writing a post here before I forget what is it like to be blogging. Truth is, real life has gotten a lot more rougher than one thought initially. As if 2014 wasn’t scary enough, 2015 spelled a series of emotional roller-coasters, which left me quite shaken as well as being burnt out for quite an extended period of time.

    It was around Feb 2015 that I realized that, while I still like the work that I am doing, I simply could not sustain myself emotionally, because it is simply too overwhelming for me to take (life lesson here). Decided to quit my job without a back up plan (which is to secure another job). Left me on tether hooks though.

    Prior to leaving my job, I made plans to embark on my first solo trip in Thailand. Bought my tickets, settled accommodation within a week. There was simply no room to back track since the money’s been paid. I shall leave my solo trip experience to another post.

    Sent out wave after wave of job applications, via my recruiter(s) as well as myself. Been receiving rounds of disappointing news. However, it also taught me how to handle my expectations, as well as being patient, as most HRs are quite slow in processes when it comes to recruitment.

    Suffice to say, my health – both physical and emotional improved by leaps after resigning from my job. My blood pressure levels got even better, and I feel much at ease now, rather than frazzled with nerves. These subtle signs would not have gone noticed had I not visited my doctor for some flu medication.

    On another note, I have many reasons to be thankful, and I cannot wait to get started on a new chapter before I turn 30 this year!


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