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    Made my second trip to Resort World Sentosa, but this time, it’s to try out the food that Starz Restaurant has to offer at Hard Rock Hotel.

    The decor struck me as warm and inviting, and the bright lights complements the colors of the chairs and glass table.

    More comfy seating awaits, and bathed in purple light… sure sets the mood for a relaxing and enjoyable dinner. Every detail was taken care of, right down to how the cutlery was arranged.

    I could go on and on about the decor, but I guess everyone’s hungry for the delish food pictures… Food pictures can trigger hunger. You have been warned. :P

    The buffet selection was a feast for the eyes, and each food item was garnished and presented in such a way to tempt you to “pick and eat me”, and yes, I found myself picking up morsels of food, in a bid to taste them all.

    For starters, there’s stuffed peppers with cheese, pickled carrots, anchovies (which was salty, but leaves a nice aftertaste, and whet my appetite for more food), mushrooms and olives.

    I particularly like the presentation of each starter dish, as the colors were pretty and tempting. Visual and gastronomical feasting of the senses.

    A photo of the salty, but oh so yummilicious anchovy.

    The tastebuds were awfully delighted, with a selection of fresh seafood. And yes, they look and taste good, that I can’t help but repeatedly pick at the seafood salad.

    Does the prawns look tempting?

    The seafood salad was a lovely mixture of prawns, baby mussels, and squid! Mixed in a tangy sauce with greens, it packs a nice sweet and subtly spicy punch. You could taste the freshness of the seafood, which wasn’t overwhelmed by the sauce.

    The mussels were fresh, but somehow I feel a little disappointed that the sauce masked the otherwise delicate flavor of mussels. The Oysters on the other hand, laying on a bed of ice, were literally screaming “EAT ME”. And yes, freshly shucked oysters, seasoned with lemon juice and sauce, makes a heavenly treat.

    Not forgetting the succulent steamed prawns, with its sharp looking beady black eyes. The orange hue of these prawns contrasted well with the paleness of ice. Do you feel like eating them now? :P

    In case you are not a fan of seafood, there are cold salads to start your stomach off to a good feast as well. Potato salad, Spicy Chicken Salad are some of the 5 salads offered. Oh, you can also mix your own ceasar salad! (Oops, no pictures).

    Take my word for it, the crisp greens goes well with all that yummy croutons, bacon bits, and of course, not forgetting the salad sauce. A good toss, and voila, all that yummy salad greens will do you loads of guilt relieving from all that eating.

    Wash that all down with some warm mushroom soup. Each spoonful was not rich, but just nice to savor the chokeful flavours of mushroom that goes into the soup.

    Complement the soup with some yummy bread from the bread basket, with a choice of bread rolls, and soft butter to go with it. Or perhaps some crackers. (They actually taste good with the soup)

    Brie, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Parmasan cheese were available, and cut the portion of the cheese you would consume. One can enjoy the cheese as it is, or spread it over the crackers. I pretty much enjoyed chewing on the cheese on its own :)

    The Western food offerings includes Mini Wagyu beef burgers, lasagna, and not to forget the baked tomatoes, fish and roasted potatoes!

    The baked fish was done nicely, no fishy taste, and the garnishing made it visually tempting. The flesh was firm, and does not crumble easily upon cutting.

    What got me raving as the roast beef. Sliced thickly, and still looking pink in the middle! The gravy complemented the beef, and makes each bite as good as it gets. It was easy to slice, and the gravy brings out the beefy flavor.

    After all that western food, perhaps a bowl of laksa? Cooked on the spot, to your request and choice of noodles.

    It’s spicy and fiery sting of the laksa gravy hits the palate, complimented by fresh prawns, tau pok and shreds of laksa leaves. One word: Shiok.

    Indian cuisine is readily available, with different chutneys, curries, papaddum, and bryani rice as well.

    For the Japanese food lovers, you would be pleased to know that each sushi is handmade by the Japanese Chef.

    Each sushi could be easily eaten in a single bite, and the sushi rice tasted light, with very little or no smell of vinegar. One could request the quantity of the type of sushi, and there are a selection of maki as well, though limited variety.

    I ate the Salmon, Unagi and Tai Sushi. Needless to say, I enjoyed the sushi very much, as fresh fish were used, and the chef enjoys making the sushi, which adds a touch of love to the food he makes. That made my day.

    Desserts are something I would die for, and I wasn’t disappointed with Starz Restaurant’s offering of desserts.

    The cakes, chocolate eclairs, pastry demands attention on its own.

    The chocolate eclairs were just nice, not cloyingly sweet, and easy on the throat. The little cakes each packed a punch of flavors that sets the dessert compartment in the stomach reeling with delight.

    But the best of the lot goes to the Apple Crumble. Truly crumbly, with a tart of moist, juicy apple bits that fills up nicely through out the whole pie.

    See how packed nicely packed the fillings are? I would gladly go for more helpings of the apple crumble. :P

    The Cheng Tng I had was surprisingly easy on the sugar, and loads of dried longan in them. Slurp!

    If pastries, cakes and hot desserts are not your thing, fret not.

    Gelato! or Gelati (plural). From lemon to strawberry, yogurt, green tea flavor, it left me spoilt for choice. Raisins, Cranberries, Pineapple bits, Chocolate Rice and Chocolate Sauce are available to decorate the your dessert if you wish.

    The Green Tea gelato

    How about a scoop of gelato to go with some waffles? :P

    Oh yes, I created my dessert:

    Hehe, I quite like it though :P

    After all that amount of food, desserts, what more than a nice cup of freshly brewed tea to wash it all down? It aids digestion and not to mention, a wonderful way to end the lovely buffet.

    Overall, I like the swift and prompt service by the staff at Starz Restaurant, and the food. The decor’s a touch of elegance, and puts a diner in a mood for a relaxing buffet. :)

    Special thanks to Shutter Journey for organizing the FoodArt shoot to Starz Restaurant, Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa.


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