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    Erm, okay. It’s been 5 months since I last place an entry here. Does anyone still read my blog? I don’t know.

    “Life is like eating ice-cream, you don’t know what you get”

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    Oh hello there!

    Been a while since I penned down stuff here, so I thought I would just pop in and write something… lest people thinks that I am totally dead or something. Just kidding!

    In the midst of exiting from my current job setting and transiting to a new environment. Suffice to say, having worked two years in a voluntary welfare organization setting has opened eyes, and a learning journey thus far… Hence, being offered an opportunity to a brand new setting… that kind of challenges beckons.

    Also, 2nd April 2014 marked the 2 years that I have career switched into Social Services, and the first thought was… time flies! It is still without a doubt, answering a strong calling from the advert the then MCYS published for a call for social workers.

    Admittedly, being a Social Worker is not as simple as being desk bound. Most of the time, we spent effort trying to help clients as much as we can within the allowed boundaries. Then again, it takes two hands to clap. If the client is not cooperative (same goes for the worker), then not much progress could be achieved. Also, it is up to the client to accept and move at the pace he/she decides to. No point forcing one’s solution on them, after all, a social worker is to help guide the client to solving the problem, not spoon feeding them.

    On a personal note, I am glad I got through all the tough hurdles to be a social worker, and now, the challenge ahead is to keep myself relevant in today’s fast changing pace in society.

    To the exit route ahead, and even more exciting journeys in life! :D


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    “Why did you switch to Social Work?”

    This is a common question posed to me when I attend job interviews, or generally being asked upon learning of my occupation. The question itself ain’t offensive, I guess it evokes a sense of curiousness (if you know of my previous jobs).

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    Haven’t wrote in here since… July 2013? Hahaha.

    As usual, procrastinating and being lazy to write. Then again, many life changing events have been happening as well… if you are my friend on Facebook that is…

    Like… being proposed on my birthday, to my mum’s shocking diagnosis with cancer… then selecting a new home in Jan 2014, and now attending weddings of my friends! Oh, did I also mention that I finally graduated from my studies and in the middle of a job transition?

    I am in love with a silly calico cat named Angel, and she surprises me in more ways than I could think of… Looking back, I can only say I am very blessed!

    Ok, I shall end here for now. Will continue to write :)


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    “I see the light at the end of the tunnel”

    The arrival of December heralds the last month of year 2012. It is also the month of joy and festivities, as Christmas is around the corner, besides, it also signals the arrival of year 2013, in a matter of 30 days. Double joy? Perhaps so, depending on one’s view and perspectives.

    Personally, December is a month for me to wind down, and reflect of what took place in my life for the current year. Somehow, this month feels different, as there are still much to do. One of it, with no prizes awarded for the correct guess would be school. Exam date falls on 29th December. Geez, nothing much I could do about it, except bemoaning the fact that its 4 days after Christmas. Then again, I would much prefer to get it over and done with, and end the year on a good note.

    Sometimes, I wonder what is it like… if I had not joined the Social Service sector…

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    There is a sense of satisfaction upon completion of each module, and not to mention, anticipating the over all grade consisting of marks from 2 assignments and an examination.

    For those who still have no clue to as what I am doing these days… I’m pursuing a Grad. Dip (Social Work) on a part-time basis with UniSIM, as well as working in the Social Service sector in a local Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO).

    I remembered the days where I contemplated joining social service when I chanced upon the MCYS series of advertisements, as well as reading up on the WDA website, that offers a chance for professionals looking for a career switch. Thus I decided to take the plunge and here I am! :)

    It has been 7 months and counting since I first entered this industry in April 2012. To me, the time passed has been extremely fruitful and eye-opening, not just to the know-hows in the sector, but it has also significantly impacted personal outlook towards life as well as a shift in paradigms and perspectives in handling issues.

    I’m looking forward to what’s coming ahead, and I hope to be able to overcome each challenge and do my best.

    Am thankful to be surrounded by supportive family, boyfriend, and friends as I continue to press on with social work. It definitely is not an easy area to be in, due to the sheer complexities that could possibly arise when handling issues that these clients may be facing.

    Alrighty, I shall have to return to indulge in activities that I yearn to do, as well as spending quality time with the people that matters.

    Till the next update.

    God Bless.


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    Photo shot using Sony NEX-F3 (18-55mm lens)

    School’s gonna be starting soon, and believe it or not, I can’t wait to start school… then again… maybe not.

    Actually, post graduate studies wasn’t even on my list to begin with… just that I will need some formal qualifications to continue my journey into social work. Just in case anyone wonders which higher learning institute I will be… Its none other than UniSIM.

    Format of each lesson is as follows… 2 alternate weeks of face time with the lecturer, 2 assignments and an exam. Yup, all in a spate of 7 to 8 weeks. Each module is conducted during the weekends, so you can see that my weekends are very much burnt for the next 15 months or so.

    A brief respite would be to be working 4 out of 5 weekdays, so as to be able to cope with studying and whatsoever remains of my social life. Looks like I will have to kick in my next phase of time management skills!

    In spite of all the flurry of activity, I’m happy to be able to pursue what I would want to do than slaving away in a job which I would otherwise drag my feet to everyday.

    Oh yes, I forgot to add that school starts on 25th August 2012.

    Till the next post…


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    The 8th month of year 2012.

    How time flies!

    It has been a pretty crazy journey since the start of 2012. I don’t even know where to start scribbling the entries on my blog.

    While I start pondering over them… excuse me while I prepare reviews and having fun with gadgets. I’m currently having fun with the Sony NEX-F3, and am totally in love with it. Not to mention that the Sony W100 is a beauty too. I will elaborate why in the coming posts.

    In the meantime, take care!


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    Its a beautiful song, as always.

    For miracles do happen, when one believe.


    Just came back from the Festival of Biodiversity held at the Botanic Gardens. It is an annual affair where exhibitions and talks are held to educate and raise public awareness of the marine life and plants that one still can find around our shores and that of the southern off-shore islands.

    The turnout was great, with volunteers all donning furry mascots made with love, and everyone seem to be enjoying themselves, even if the weather has been really hot and humid. I had fun, and a very well-spent weekend.


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    Just came back from Bintan since Saturday, and things have been in full swing since. Covered a work related event, and went trigger happy photographing the kids.

    Of course, I did enjoy myself very much in Bintan, and I can’t wait to share photos with everyone.

    Excuse me while I attack the work on my plate. Meantime, rock on with this tune from Jennifer Lopez. Have a good start to this work week!



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