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    Will be away from today till Saturday evening in Bintan!

    I’m heading there for a work / company retreat. Shall take this opportunity to also snap a few more photographs for keepsake. It is my first trip there and I am very much looking forward to it… Hehe. And very much looking forward to the activities that are planned in my itinerary.

    By the time you are reading this, I would have been well on my way to Bintan.

    See you!

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    so july is finally here… and this officially marks the second half of 2011. pardon me for not filling in this blog throughout june, as loads of personal stuff has cropped up and leaving me grappling and coming to terms with it.

    its no mystery to what has happened, just that the severity was quite unexpected. but i hope it will be a thing of the past soon… and so, this post will mark the start of a proper recovery.

    as i slowly get back to writing gradually, i will also take time to indulge in more things that i want to do. its a good way to destress i reckon. :)


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    For a first timer, its an eye opener, because Pulau Semakau wasn’t quite the island I envisioned. Sure, ashes from burnt trash from main land Singapore is brought over and buried…

    What’s unknown, is the lush mangroves and the marine life that is thriving in this fragile ecosystem. I was there, along with some others, on a trip to Pulau Semakau as part of Project Driftnet, to remove the abandoned driftnets and fish traps.

    You can read about the findings the other teams had here

    A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we set afoot on the island, making our way to the designated spots to start out checks.

    Photo courtesy of Marcus

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    Bought these accessories at The Pigeonhole flea market… and yes, I’ve been lazy, only uploading these photos today. These deserves a mention, for they’re absolutely pretty!


    Bought them from SHUP(G), and I pretty much fell for most of their accessories, as they feature quirky and fun looking stuff into necklaces, bracelets, brooches.

    Do check them out! :) Of course, the accessory in this photo isn’t for myself, its for the sister…


    And this beauty was made possible thanks to the customization that Dawne from Earring Addict made for me.

    By now, you would have realize that I love camera shaped pendants, and this addition is no surprise. :)


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    If the hero, never comes to you
    If you need someone, you’re feeling blue
    If you wait for love, and you’re alone
    If you call your friends, nobody’s home
    You can run away, but you can’t hide
    Through a storm and through a lonely night
    Then I’ll show you there’s a destiny
    The best things in life, they are free

    It’s a Sunday, and for once, I’ve some time to myself to get down to speed with my own stuff. In this hot weather, chillaxing at home is probably the next best thing than getting sunburnt outdoors :)

    Loads of adventures outdoors for me lately, and I can’t wait to share them all with you! :)


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    Lyrics after the jump!

    This song has been on my repeat playlist for 2 days in a row. I don’t know if its the infectious rhythm that got me hooked to it, or that I simply love the energy and vibe from the music video. Which ever it is, as long as it puts me in groovy mood, it’s awesome!

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    The weekends came and went… marking the end of one week and the start of another. What seems mundane of just 2 rest days amidst 5 hard grinding days of work is marked with sheer emotions from an end of a spectrum to the other. It’s as if the raging hormones (for a lack of a better word) never cease to work its wonders.

    I also learnt new things about myself, its scary yet liberating at the same time, perhaps there is more I must do for myself. In the meantime, life goes on as per normal as it always does, and may it pave a route for recovery.


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    March is here!

    I’m glad to put the troubled month of February behind me. Triple whammy of sorts hit me, severely throwing me off balance.

    Took a while to find my two feet and get back on. Making plans is not easy, but execution won’t be easy either. Either way, I’ve bitten the bullet.

    I shall not elaborate too much at this point, lest its jinxed by unwanted factors.

    Would much rather focus on healing one step at a time and be a happier, stronger person.

    I may have been killed, but I am clawing my way up bit by biy.


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    -Taken at Pinnacle at Duxton

    A new work week has arrived. Some would say the new work week for the lunar year… and indeed… after 4 long days of break, it’s a bit difficult to kick start the engine.

    Now excuse me while I douse myself with coffee. :)

    Have a lovely day!


    PS: Shall write more when time permits

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    Been a while since I last wrote something personal about myself in this blog. Somehow or rather, its getting harder and harder to write a no holds barred kinda entry. Am I worried about the can of worms that will be opened or risk judgement? Either way, the best solution is still keep a pen and paper diary. (Or maybe a password protected post) :P

    Funnily, coming May 2011, would mark about 6 years of blogging. That’s quite some period of time, in my opinion, considering how I first started out with Blogspot. Its funny how I now cringe at the writings of my own in the past, when I read my archives from time to time. They serve as memory banks, evoking the emotions of the then events and happenings.

    Suffice to say, my blog has seen me through my best and worse times of life. Its something that I could turn to, to seek solace even if I am troubled, and the best part is being able to write them all down, though not necessarily publishing those entries. Kind of a venting outlet.

    So, from now on, onwards to mix haphazardness of the content that I will be writing about. If you have any in particular, just drop me a note via email! :)


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