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    Photo shot using Sony NEX-F3 (18-55mm lens)

    School’s gonna be starting soon, and believe it or not, I can’t wait to start school… then again… maybe not.

    Actually, post graduate studies wasn’t even on my list to begin with… just that I will need some formal qualifications to continue my journey into social work. Just in case anyone wonders which higher learning institute I will be… Its none other than UniSIM.

    Format of each lesson is as follows… 2 alternate weeks of face time with the lecturer, 2 assignments and an exam. Yup, all in a spate of 7 to 8 weeks. Each module is conducted during the weekends, so you can see that my weekends are very much burnt for the next 15 months or so.

    A brief respite would be to be working 4 out of 5 weekdays, so as to be able to cope with studying and whatsoever remains of my social life. Looks like I will have to kick in my next phase of time management skills!

    In spite of all the flurry of activity, I’m happy to be able to pursue what I would want to do than slaving away in a job which I would otherwise drag my feet to everyday.

    Oh yes, I forgot to add that school starts on 25th August 2012.

    Till the next post…


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    The 8th month of year 2012.

    How time flies!

    It has been a pretty crazy journey since the start of 2012. I don’t even know where to start scribbling the entries on my blog.

    While I start pondering over them… excuse me while I prepare reviews and having fun with gadgets. I’m currently having fun with the Sony NEX-F3, and am totally in love with it. Not to mention that the Sony W100 is a beauty too. I will elaborate why in the coming posts.

    In the meantime, take care!


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    Its a beautiful song, as always.

    For miracles do happen, when one believe.


    Just came back from the Festival of Biodiversity held at the Botanic Gardens. It is an annual affair where exhibitions and talks are held to educate and raise public awareness of the marine life and plants that one still can find around our shores and that of the southern off-shore islands.

    The turnout was great, with volunteers all donning furry mascots made with love, and everyone seem to be enjoying themselves, even if the weather has been really hot and humid. I had fun, and a very well-spent weekend.


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    Looking back from where I am right now, I ought to give myself a pat on the back for having gone through a long grueling journey. Although tough, it has also led me to realize how much happiness is important to me. All this while, I was yearning something my other jobs could not adequately provide. Its not that money isn’t important, just that it is not very high on my list of priorities.

    You see, when I first started out as a fresh graduate, all I wanted to was to make money to pay off my study loans. Granted, I could have earned much more had I stayed on in my industry… but then again, what is the point of having to rely completely on material and money to feel happy and satisfied? I’m happy to gain financial independence, but something was missing.

    After switching to my second job in a completely new industry, the same thing happened as well. Not to mention that I was under going therapy for my bout of depression. I guess monetary incentives lost its touch. At least for me.

    And the unexpected happens. It turns out that leaving the job behind and venturing into something I wanted to do is so much more appealing… not to mention being truly happy for something that I wanted for once. :)

    You see, for all so in the past, I never managed to lead a normal life, and by normal, I mean the things that I would so wish I had done back then. Alas, perhaps, I will never know…. not in this life time.

    Perhaps the above paragraph will shed light to why I chose to go into Social Work. Will write more :)

    Till then, take care!


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    Its been a while since I last wrote in or check back this blog. Don’t worry, I have not forsaken it at all… its just that I’ve been occupied with loads of activities to do, and it takes me away from the computer most of the time.

    Lately, many thoughts surfaced, some of which are pleasant, while others served to be being destructive to my soul. As they say, shit happens, and its on some of these days where it becomes a little harder to rein in those thoughts and have it dumped somewhere else.

    I don’t know where to begin looking at the long and tough journey that I been through, much less pen it down on this blog. Though this deed has to be done someday, somehow because it is what I went through, and no amount of intended forgetfulness would drown this memory into the depths of a black hole.

    I have many to thank… to God, Family, Boyfriend, Friends… for they have been understanding, caring, loving and always looking out for me. It would have been way tougher without them.

    At times, its overwhelming to handle all that load of emotions, but on the flip side, it tells me that I’m being only human, and experiencing a whole spectrum of emotions may not always be a bad thing, at least, I would understand and experience what it feels like, and how I’m reacting to it. At the end of it, I walk out knowing myself a little better each time.

    Each time, I look at the skies and smiled. Sounds crazy? Perhaps. That’s just me – giving my thanks silently to Him.


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    Life is unpredictable.

    I never imagined I would someday step upon the path to be a social worker… and that was like a year or two back then. Fast forward today, I am now working in a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO), reaching out to families with children in special needs.

    It is a humbling journey thus far, learning something new every time I go about in my work daily, and learning to best manage work and leisure without feeling burnt out. Now that, is something I never manage to achieve in my past jobs.

    Its not a bed of roses in this never-ending journey, for I am still finding my bearings and learning the knowledge and skills needed in this line of work. One thing is for sure, my perception towards life has taken a whole new meaning entirely. :)



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    It has been a crazy whirl of an emotional ride.

    Perhaps the decision to leaving my job was the best present I ever gave to myself. Sure, the lack of income can be frustrating at times, but more importantly, it has given me room to grow, to recover and to love myself even better… The long break has done a lot of wonders for me, and I’m feel ready to embark on the next chapter in April 2012.

    I found that I have many things that awaits my attention, and tearing myself away from all the unhappy past works better in my favor, not to mention that I’ve also found things that I love doing. That, to me, is sheer joy. To friends who know of my next move, thank you for your care and concern, and for sharing my joy. To those who don’t, you’re most welcome to ask, with an open mind…

    Its almost surreal, to be able to wake up with a rush of joy and contentment, and not feeling the burden… ah, the carefree moments of life… and it’s also the most humbling and eye-opening life lessons learnt ever.


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    Oh hello, marching march is here!

    I thought I might just give you a quick low down on what I’ve been up to…as I prepare the blog posts to be published.

    It’s been pretty happening, with job interviews to attend, as well as attending events, dinners, and busy occupying myself with plenty of handicraft work or just having taking time off to be alone. Its pretty much therapeutic, and not to mention that it helps my mental well-being very much.

    Although things are still working itself out thus far, I am very grateful for the well-wishes and supportive family and friends around me.

    I’m still smiling, and I’ve never been this happy.

    Ok, I shall keep this piece short as I’ve photographs to work on, as well as getting the blog posts together! :)

    With love,

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    I stumbled upon this website, and read quite a number of motivational poems. But there’s one particular poem that I would like to share with all my readers:

    The Vow
    By Malcolm O. Varner

    No matter how deep the sadness or wide the pain,
    I vow to live for a brighter day will come again.

    No matter how many mistakes I’ve made in the past,
    I vow to live and in the future avoid them, surefooted and fast.

    No matter how many tragedies beyond my control take place,
    I vow to live and stay my course within this race.

    No matter how poor or rich I may ever be,
    I vow to live and aspire to search for the dignity in simplicity.

    No matter how much a lover may pierce the inner core of my heart,
    I vow to live for like spring I’ll get a new start.

    No matter how isolated and alone I may feel,
    I vow to live and do something for someone else to heal.

    No matter how hopeless my situation my appear,
    I vow to live and reflect until my viewpoint is clear.

    No matter what happens in this life – good or bad
    I vow to live, do my best, and just for living – be glad.

    It resonates well within me, and having an extended period of time to rest also allows me to redefine certain fundamentals that I hold so dear to. It’s amazing isn’t it, that life can be seen from so many different perspectives, and that even in the most hopeless situation, there is a glimmer of hope.

    With love,

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    Oh hello!

    Wondering if there are any readers still reading my blog… since I went missing in action for quite a while…

    Right now, I’m taking a break from work and is in the midst of job hunting. Truth be told, I am quite enjoying my break, as this gives me more time to think things through and figuring out the next step. Not to mention that the amount of time that I have on my hands these days!

    I would say, there are pros and cons of being unemployed… that said, I should just keep working on my long term plans.

    Oh yes, I have yet to scribble down my thoughts on some stuff, as well as my Chiang Mai trip with the boyfriend. Stay tuned!

    With love,

    PS: It would be great if you, my dear reader, could leave me a comment or holler! Would appreciate it, as this would give me even more motivation to continue blogging here. :)

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