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    Oh hello, marching march is here!

    I thought I might just give you a quick low down on what I’ve been up to…as I prepare the blog posts to be published.

    It’s been pretty happening, with job interviews to attend, as well as attending events, dinners, and busy occupying myself with plenty of handicraft work or just having taking time off to be alone. Its pretty much therapeutic, and not to mention that it helps my mental well-being very much.

    Although things are still working itself out thus far, I am very grateful for the well-wishes and supportive family and friends around me.

    I’m still smiling, and I’ve never been this happy.

    Ok, I shall keep this piece short as I’ve photographs to work on, as well as getting the blog posts together! :)

    With love,

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    First time for everything I suppose. Kinda relishing the experience and the sense of satisfaction that comes along with it. Suffice to say, I still have doubts about myself but they are slowly fading away. Somehow I know I can do it, its a matter of when and how. :)

    I just came back from taking Angel to the vet for her annual checkup and vaccination. Well, it’s my first visit to the vet, and quite amazed at seeing the type of dogs and cats others keep. Angel is M’s cat, but I treat her like mine. My folks do not allow me to bring a cat home, or I would have done that eons ago.

    As of right now, I think everything is getting back on track slowly, and I am very thankful and happy about it. Only time will tell, but I guess things are in a good start for now. :) I realized that there are small and subtle changes in my life, that’s making life bearable and giving me the courage to live on, and be happy. It still isn’t easy at times, though at least the thought of negativity is reducing. Its good to know that I’m surrounded by people who loves me, and care for me. That to me, is an important aspect of my life.

    I’ve also learned that I cannot please everyone, but the first person I can please is myself. :)

    Ok. enough of my random rubbish. Time to sit down and start reading.


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    Okay, enough of wordy posts from me… 3 posts in a row, and I think your eyes must be feeling tired.

    So allow me to share with you one of my favourite Youtube videos – Firework by Katy Perry.

    This video struck a chord with me, and I totally enjoyed her vocals… It also served as a source of inspiration to carry on even when I’m facing obstacles in my way. May this song light up your day too! :)

    - This post is written and scheduled to publish when you are reading it. :)


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    The month of August this year, two thousand and eleven, is truly a month of endings, and new beginnings. I never felt that rush of emotions for a very long time, and I miss it. Really.

    In this month alone, I quit my job of two years and three months, bidding farewell to the IT industry that I was trained to work in since in the Polytechnic and University. But at the end of the day, I realized that this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In fact, I did not do very well in my degree, getting by with a series of C’s and D’s, and at one time, even failing a module. So what if I hold a Computer Science Degree? Its like what the rest would coin the term as, “toilet paper”.

    It is a known fact that at least 85% of the people who entered their chosen degree course end up doing something else, and yours truly is now part of this percentage too. However, I do not regret the switch to my new career path. Why? The fact that I am so unhappy with my first job that I had to do something for myself, or risk a trip to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). You could probably figure out how awful I felt, or never really understand. That’s alright. I’m learning to put the unhappy past behind me and move on.

    I’ve also came to terms with myself, and it still is quite a journey, to realize something about myself every few days or so. I have not lost my temper that often as I used to in the past. And I am leading a much more satisfying and fruitful life than before. Perhaps, this is a fitting ending before the beginnings of age 26.

    Whilst penning this post, I’m 2 days shy turning 26. It may be well be a turning point of my life. My counselor is right. I’ve to find something what I like to do and be happy doing it. It does helps me get through the low points of working more easily, and having a cheery office helps, with all that bright colors and an awesome smack in the city center location, I really can’t ask for more. The road ahead will not be smooth, but I am more prepared than I was a few years ago. :)


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  • my life 26.04.2009 2 Comments

    It’s a terrible Sunday this far. I meant the weather. Woke up at 8 plus am, and feeling so horribly warm, sticky and agitated. A quick wash up and sitting by the fan cooled me down somewhat.

    After a quick breakfast and newspaper reading, here I am back at my laptop again, this time gonna start work early. Now I do hope that luck is on my side.

    Just stopping by here for a quick update. Final exam will be over in 2 days. :)


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    Why am I writing a blog post here when I should slave away for my 2 papers tomorrow? Reason being, finger itchy. Yeah, so finger itchy till I gotta just fire up my laptop and get to my blog portal. LOL.

    I am caught in such a busy period that I just wish I could drop everything, but I know the finishing line is in sight, so I shall just make do with it.

    By His grace, I am able to finish studying for my papers already, but I am still going through it a few more times, and make sure I got it in just right.

    I already miss meeting my blogger friends, and all that events… (oh well, last exam season!) and I have no idea how I will take to transition from a student to a working adult…. we shall see…

    That being said, I should just drop in on my Facebook/Twitter/Plurk and Email before I get back to the books.

    Wish me luck for my 2 paper combo! :)


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    It’s a bright and cheery Saturday… at least for my area of residence in the far eastern side of Singapore. Yup, I woke up at 8.45 am today… having 7 hours of rest, and suffice to say, the body and mind feels ok, though tired out physically.

    Today happens to be Earth Hour also, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Lights out to give your vote ok? :)

    I won’t be at SMB6, but to the folks attending, have a good time ya?! Will join in from the next SMB.

    It’s almost the end of March, and it’s crazy, time really flies. Not to mention that exams are coming in the blink of an eye. Tell me about it. Oh well.

    And yes, I’ve loads and loads of plans to work on upon graduation. Stay tuned!


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    Am in the midst of settling some of my assignments and projects. LOL. But I am kinda having fun crawling and digging information from Google, as well as the printed textbooks :)

    Oh yes, I would love to update you with what I am up to lately, but time does not permit me to do so NOW. Will be right back with another post soon!

    Meantime, have a great weekend :)


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    Last day of January, and I already feel that time has just flown yet again. Having said that, 4 weeks of schooling in my graduating semester has gone by, and each day just got more hectic, tiring, and satisfying, to say the least.

    Already cutting back on a lot of things, yet I still find myself squeezing time as tightly as I can. Not a good thing, and neither is it a bad thing. LOL.

    As I take time out today… I just look at the activities ahead and go… “uh-oh”.
    Morning – Tech65 recording with the cool tech65 crew at our beloved Geek Terminal.

    Afternoon – Attending BlackLiner’s event at Cicada (I’m excited)

    Evening – Dinner with the family at home. Dad’s cooking western meal of Pork Chop. Complete with my favourite grilled tomato.

    Oh yes, I have so many backlogged posts and stuff… stay tuned!!! :P


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    Have a guess where I’ve shot this.

    Hmm, can’t guess it? Click the link below for a *obvious* clue

    Read more…

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