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    Thanks to the kind PR folks, I manage to get the opportunity to review the Sony NEX-F3 camera.

    I took the camera along with me whilst visiting Gardens By The Bay. Be it indoors with artificial lighting, or in the conservatories, the Sony NEX-F3 didn’t disappoint – images turned out vibrant, crisp and sharp.




    The above are sample images that I’ve shot using the Sony NEX-F3 in one of the conservatories at the Gardens by the bay.

    The Sony NEX-F3 weight distribution is quite balanced, and that is having its kit lens 18-55mm attached to the camera unit. Expect the weight to shift more towards the lens when using other lenses which are heavier in weight.

    I’m still reviewing the camera, and thus, this is my first impression of the Sony NEX-F3. Quick response, Sharp and Vibrant. Oh, its quite light and handy to bring it around. :)

    Check back for a more in-depth review of the Sony NEX-F3 soon. Also, I will be reviewing the Sony W100 camera in a separate blog post!


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    Had the opportunity to give the Nikon CoolPix S6300 a spin during a short walk around iLight @ Marina Bay 2012. Many thanks to Justin Ng, tech65 for letting me having a go with it.

    I shot a few sample shots from the camera, and finding it quite cumbersome to fiddle with the settings. Not to mention that the CoolPix S6300 do not seem to retain any settings when its switched off. For example, the flash light will automatically fire upon hitting the shutter button, despite having set the settings of the flash light to no flash. Unfortunately, this feature end up ruining most of my test shots.

    Nikon CoolPix S6300

    Nikon CoolPix S6300

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    I rarely watch TV, and even if I did, its mostly reality shows and documentaries. The TV in my home gets utilized the most by my Mum, at least for most of the time. Lately, there were moments where I got glued to the TV, thanks to the AC Ryan PlayOn! HD2 media player.

    Shall not bore you with the hardware specifications, which can be found at AC Ryan’s website

    Setting up the media player was a breeze, as I took advantage of the supplied HDMI cable and hooked it up with my TV, and voila, switch on the media player and one just unlocked the world of favorite TV shows and movies.

    One immediate feature that I like about the player is that, it wasn’t noisy, and the unit wasn’t very hot despite running it for at least 6 hours, jumping from movie to movie, etc. What impressed me most was that the player itself comes equipped with USB, SD slots, and even for Internet connection. Now isn’t that wonderful? I could download or even stream media content and enjoy them on the big screen.

    Did I also mention that one could load a 3.5″ SATA/SATA2 HDD up to 2TB into the AC Ryan PlayOn! HD2 player? If one wishes to mount a 2.5″ HDD, note that the adaptor frame is not included in the package. (You might have to purchase it separately). The following file systems are supported as well: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, HFS+ w/out Journaling.

    Supporting many video codecs as well as audio formats, this media player truly allows a huge variety of media to be displayed and played.

    My family and I fell in love with this media player, and enjoyed the crisp and vibrant display on our 32″ LCD TV.

    Many thanks to Shann, from ACRyan for the opportunity to review such a lovely media player.


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    A stick of lip balm always goes into my bag whenever I head out, and I will use them as often as I can, because I tend to have chapped and dry lips, making it unsightly when I apply lipsticks and lip gloss.

    The Aloe Lip Balm which I have tried have proven effective moisturizing and keeping the lips feeling good, without the dry and coarse chapped skin around it. It applies on smoothly, yet it does not leave the lips feeling overwhelmed with the oily feeling.

    In the course of using it for 1 month and counting, this lip balm has also proved handy when dealing with mozzie bites. Yes, despite it being a lip balm, it also works at relieving the itch of mozzie bites, as well as soothing rash.

    Just to note that this lip balm contains no artificial flavoring, thus it is safe to be applied to the skin. I’ve experienced no rash or allergic reactions from using this lip balm.

    Oh yes, you can purchase them at Vinci Lipgloss. May I add that the price of this lip balm is $8.00 inclusive of normal postage? Quite reasonable :)

    Many thanks to Jasmine for making this review possible.

    Do visit her blog http://www.vinci-lipgloss.blogspot.com/ and check out the other lip glosses that she is selling as well.

    Disclaimer: This is a ad/review of the lip balm that I have tried. Views expressed are of personal views after trying out the product personally.


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    Made my second trip to Resort World Sentosa, but this time, it’s to try out the food that Starz Restaurant has to offer at Hard Rock Hotel.

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    Located in the heart of the city, Per Se Bar and Kitchen promises to shake up your taste buds through its offering of food and drinks. Its a great place to have a leisure meal, or to even just have a drink in hand and chill out.

    Its located along Millenia Walk, the row of eateries and restaurants. The decor sets it apart from the rest of the restaurants, and makes it even easier to spot from afar.

    More after the jump!

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    I like photography, but never had the chance to start shooting seriously, till I manage to get a review unit of the Canon EOS 500D. Granted, it’s an entry-level dslr, but it still gave me great shots.

    The body of the 500D weighs in at about 480g, and plus the lens, about 800g (this is my rough estimate). The lens that came with the review unit is the EF-S18-55mm, and I had a lot of fun shooting with this particular lens.

    I must say that the feel of the camera feels good in my hands, and very easy to grip.

    Click on more to view the selected shots from the Canon EOS 500D. :)

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    Having played with the Y650, the Y450 is not a stranger to me, in terms of the functionalities. The Y450 is the 14-inch sibling to the 16-inch Y650. But yet it spots a different patten on the cover.

    See the patterns in the photo? It’s not printed on it, but embossed on it. I like.

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    This comes super duper late. But better late than never! :)

    Lenovo Thinkpad X200 is one of the smallest and light laptop that can withstand shock, as well as being water resistant. I totally enjoyed using the X200, and this is coming from a first time Thinkpad user. :)

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    This review will be one of the longest review I have written thus far, and I hope you all will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing this review.

    “Smarter than a Smartphone” was the tagline for the Samsung Jet. It sure isn’t a smartphone, but then, the Samsung Jet handles tasks so beautifully, that I marvel at it for being speedy, responsive and user-friendly.

    I shall spare you the specifications, for you can read them up here. My apologies that the pictures may not turn out beautifully, for I shot it in haste, and it’s a glossy surface, making it harder for me to capture its design brilliance.

    More after the jump!

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