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    There is a sense of satisfaction upon completion of each module, and not to mention, anticipating the over all grade consisting of marks from 2 assignments and an examination.

    For those who still have no clue to as what I am doing these days… I’m pursuing a Grad. Dip (Social Work) on a part-time basis with UniSIM, as well as working in the Social Service sector in a local Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO).

    I remembered the days where I contemplated joining social service when I chanced upon the MCYS series of advertisements, as well as reading up on the WDA website, that offers a chance for professionals looking for a career switch. Thus I decided to take the plunge and here I am! :)

    It has been 7 months and counting since I first entered this industry in April 2012. To me, the time passed has been extremely fruitful and eye-opening, not just to the know-hows in the sector, but it has also significantly impacted personal outlook towards life as well as a shift in paradigms and perspectives in handling issues.

    I’m looking forward to what’s coming ahead, and I hope to be able to overcome each challenge and do my best.

    Am thankful to be surrounded by supportive family, boyfriend, and friends as I continue to press on with social work. It definitely is not an easy area to be in, due to the sheer complexities that could possibly arise when handling issues that these clients may be facing.

    Alrighty, I shall have to return to indulge in activities that I yearn to do, as well as spending quality time with the people that matters.

    Till the next update.

    God Bless.


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    By the time this post gets published, I am already at the grounds of Nanyang Auditorium, NTU, trying my best to robe on my academic dress, and to get my attendance taken and such.

    Yes, today is the day of my convocation, or otherwise known as commencement as well.

    I’m very happy that my parents, sister and the bf are able to make it for the ceremony itself.

    I’m also very thankful for all the support and encouragement that my friends gave, and you guys simply rock. Thank you for being with me, and it means a lot to me.


    PS: A big thank u to Lu Yee – she gave me a convocation bear. XD It’s so sweet, that it’s at the convocation grounds with me :p

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    4 years, uncountable amount of tears, and sweat, not forgetting the hardwork, last minute chiongness, and rushing all the way for exams and assignments, all just for the piece of paper. Yes, a very valuable piece of paper (in terms of monetary value). All for the sake of higher education learning. Of course, not to mention about all that took place within 4 years in university.

    iGave is basically a programme where graduates are invited to contribute a sum of money to the school’s funds, which are then used to help other students in need. I for one, owe it to part of this funding to continue my education in NTU. Without it, I doubt my education would have been possible.

    Now that I started working, there’s a source of income (hurray), and it also meant that I could afford to give back a little something :)

    This was sent to me via snail mail, as a token of appreciation.

    I like the pin, because it’s special, and that it’s printed with the class of 2009. Yes, my convocation ceremony will soon take place and I will become a graduate, officially. Which means, I will no longer be a student. And that student days are over.

    With love,

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    Whats up beautiful people?! It’s already mid-week Wednesday. :)

    Countdown to Convocation – 14 days.
    Countdown to Graduation Dinner – 10 days.

    Oh gosh, I am starting to feel slightly nervous, for all the wrong reasons.

    Feeling thankful I could secure a car from BlackLiner, to fetch the family down to NTU on Convocation, as well as secured extra 2 tickets to ask my sister and the bf along to witness my convocation. :)

    Work wise, learning loads of new stuff, and it’s still an eye opener at the difference between school and work.


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    Final Year Project (FYP) is a step where all final year students in NTU must undertake, as part of the requirements to graduate with a degree. And I was no exception.

    Terms like Finish Your Professor, Final Year Punishment, Find Your Partner, are amidst the many terms that I come across, and yes, I chuckled at these terms.

    It was a trying year, doing my FYP, to say the least. For some reasons, whatever went wrong simply just went wrong.

    I’ve lost count of the number of days I lost sleep over the project, the frustrations and tears that I cried during the project, trying to cope with my study load and the project, as well as rushing the report for submission.

    Many thanks to my family, the boyfriend – Terence, as well as my friends for all the wonderful support and encouragement during the course of my project.

    Though I didn’t really succeed in meeting all the objectives that I set out to, but I learnt a lot of lessons that classrooms can’t teach. And yes, it is these lessons that taught me a great deal on how to deal with other issues in life.

    Now who says grades are the most important? There are other more important things in life than to grades.


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    As with every semester, I will stay up to midnight to get my exam results and this time it’s no exception. But I am especially nervous, since it is my final semester of school.

    Needless to say I cried after the results sank in to my head.

    How I fared?

    Click to
    Read more…

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    It’s over.

    My FYP Oral Presentation that is.

    I am unofficially a graduate, till the official results are released. :)


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    It’s a countdown to the official ending of the final semester. 3 days more to go.

    I am to feel excited, but somehow I don’t. I’m pretty nervous though.

    A lot of thoughts is running through my head now, and I am pretty sure I have to slay this inner demon of mine. and yes, not to mention a bit of health problems that is dodging me at the moment. Will get all these sorted out in due time (Wednesday, 6th May that is)

    5th May: Oral Presentation for my FYP. 1300 hours, Tutorial Room xx, where xx is the room number that I am supposed to be in. :)

    So in the meantime, I am so going to flip my brain cells and get work done.


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    Dates to note: 5th May, 18th May and 22nd May.

    5th May being my FYP Oral Presentation, 18th May where I start work. 22nd May is where my results are supposedly released.


    To be honest, I am scared, and worried. But I will still do my best. I pray all will be well. :)

    By the time this post is out, my exams are all over! (I hope I will pass all the modules).

    Now its time to rush for the last of my project.


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    Its just one of the days where you wish you can have more sleep, but you can’t because of pressing matters. I gotta push on. 2 weeks more. Well, less than 2 weeks.

    I will do a post on CodeIgniter (CI) Framework, on how it has helped me to build my project in less than 2 weeks. But I still trying to figure Python in it, so yeah.

    Let’s pray I pass FYP.


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