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    There is a sense of satisfaction upon completion of each module, and not to mention, anticipating the over all grade consisting of marks from 2 assignments and an examination.

    For those who still have no clue to as what I am doing these days… I’m pursuing a Grad. Dip (Social Work) on a part-time basis with UniSIM, as well as working in the Social Service sector in a local Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO).

    I remembered the days where I contemplated joining social service when I chanced upon the MCYS series of advertisements, as well as reading up on the WDA website, that offers a chance for professionals looking for a career switch. Thus I decided to take the plunge and here I am! :)

    It has been 7 months and counting since I first entered this industry in April 2012. To me, the time passed has been extremely fruitful and eye-opening, not just to the know-hows in the sector, but it has also significantly impacted personal outlook towards life as well as a shift in paradigms and perspectives in handling issues.

    I’m looking forward to what’s coming ahead, and I hope to be able to overcome each challenge and do my best.

    Am thankful to be surrounded by supportive family, boyfriend, and friends as I continue to press on with social work. It definitely is not an easy area to be in, due to the sheer complexities that could possibly arise when handling issues that these clients may be facing.

    Alrighty, I shall have to return to indulge in activities that I yearn to do, as well as spending quality time with the people that matters.

    Till the next update.

    God Bless.


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    I rarely post work stuff here, but I guess I am quite anxious to complete this project and I am short of Research Candidates.

    You could have seen me posting on Facebook, Twitter and even some of the local forums, but the responses have been a little disappointing at times.

    At the current standing, I have 25 ENGLISH LANGUAGE and 75 MALAY LANGUAGE scripts to record… which means… 100 SCRIPTS in total.

    Visit this link for more information about the project and register online. Only Male candidates (so sorry to all the ladies!)

    Its a relatively simple and painless recording, as all I would need is of you to show up, and let me record your VOICE sample by reading aloud of a scrip of sentences. Did I mention that the monetary token of appreciation is of SGD $30 per language? Duration for the recording would be 1 hour and 1.5 hour for the English and Malay language script respectively.

    I know the location is relatively harder to reach… at TradeHub 21. Thus I am very appreciative of people whom have taken the time and effort to come down for this!

    Help me out on this by spreading word about this project to your friends, or participate in this (if you’re between 17-40)!


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    And so the new work week starts. Once again, its back to the daily grind yada yada yada… that’s the usual way I look forward to each week, though albeit more challenging these days…. because the weekends never fail to leave me yearning for more!

    Just as I thought I could pull the day through its usual paces, murphy never fail to spring a surprise on me. Ah well. But still is thankful to have gotten through the day. The saving grace of it all was that for once, I didn’t get extremely mad.


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    My latest addiction? Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2.

    Work – challenging, busy and fulfilling at the same time, what more can I say? :)

    Personal – Up and downs as usual. I need a break!

    Been feeling extremely tired, perhaps my mind needs an awfully good break.

    In the meantime, I got myself loving Starbucks Tea, Coffee, as well as their Wholemeal Bagels, Cranberry and Walnut Toast. It’s awesome, and I can have it over and over again, that I won’t feel sick of it at all! :P

    This is a totally random post here, because yours truly is so pre-occupied with stuff.

    Am torn between the HTC Magic and the Samsung Jet. Gotta make a choice soon.


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    Exit is a word to signal the place to get out, or simply the end of something.

    To me, this photo has a meaning, it means to exit from school and enter the workforce. Still an unofficial graduate (till I go for my convocation), but am still a greenhorn in the workforce. Let’s see, I just worked for a month plus since I left school?

    Truth be told, I have not really got quite used to the transition as yet, and no, I have no qualms about my job, in fact, I am happy with my job :P Just felt that something is missing, perhaps the freedom and the time that I used to have when I was a student. To say I miss school is partially true, but then, one has to move on to the next phase of life.

    Perhaps I have not been open enough to accept the changes that comes my way, and yes, from dressing, to the lifestyle, there’s a change for sure. I become more conscious of my appearance, which don’t do me any good, because I tend to feel very emo and low about it. Don’t ask me why, because sometimes inferior complexity hits me.

    I feel somewhat lost, and this feeling is not a very nice feeling to have at the moment.

    Certain things has got to go, and I guess its time to trim the emotional baggage. If you have been standing by me as a friend, I thank you with the bottom of my heart. If you wish me well, I thank you too. Thank you, for being with me, throughout these years.


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  • my life 09.06.2009 1 Comment

    I took a whole load of colorful stuff to place it on my table, to break the monotony of colors of my office desk space…

    Haha, the table is now much more colorful and there is not a dull moment at work!

    Oh yes, time flies, and it’s the 4th week at work!


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  • my life 28.05.2009 2 Comments

    Tired. Busy.

    Sorry for the lack of entries. Still adapting to a work life routine.

    Will write in due time soon!

    With love,

    PS: This entry is to tell you that I am still pretty much alive on this blog. :P

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    Knocked out for about 12 to 13 hours of sleep, because I was simply so exhausted from everything, literally. First week of work, and seems like it’s looking good, though I have yet to get used to working. Still in transition at the moment.

    It feels good to have the burden of graduation lifted off the shoulders, and more energy to channel into kicking up new ideas for the future, something which I am quite pleased with.

    Great Singapore Sale is coming, and it couldn’t have arrived at the right time, now I can really do some serious shopping!

    On the other hand, I’ve loads to say, and as usual, slower than usual to blog here, but I will be back with a bang, when I manage my time more wisely.

    A little more interesting thing is that, my mum says I am a firecracker, and literally explode if the fuse is triggered. Don’t deny that though, but shall tame my temper a bit more :P

    Well I guess I should be off to watch Distant World FF Concert at Esplanade tonight! :D


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    It seems like all went well today on the “World Class Transport” system on my way to work, save for me running after my connecting bus. Let’s hope things will be good this way.

    2 days more to the release of exam results. *heart skips a beat*

    Work has so far started to pick up, and I am glad that I am able to get myself going with all that work at the moment. Doing moodle start to seem like loads of fun. :P

    Alrightey, shall head back to work, will blog tonight.



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    It’s a date I will remember, the day I start my first job. :)

    Thanks for all the wishes, encouragement and support… I will do my best.

    With love,

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